An interesting story thought up by ChatGPT

Traditional Matcha Latte

One day, a foreign man witnessed an unusual sight at a café in downtown Tokyo. What he ordered was a traditional Japanese matcha latte. However, what the staff brought to him was a regular milk tea with a green crayon placed beside it.

Confused, he asked, “This isn’t a matcha latte. Are you planning on coloring it with this crayon?”

The staff member smiled warmly and replied, “This crayon is special; it dissolves in hot water. Please adjust the concentration to your own liking.”

Though surprised, the foreign man placed the crayon into the milk tea. Sure enough, it turned green and began to give off the aroma of matcha. Upon tasting it, it was indeed the authentic flavor of a matcha latte!

He shared this experience on social media, and it quickly became a topic of discussion. Japan’s crayon matcha latte temporarily became a trend.

Myself 10 Years Later

One day, Mr. Tanaka, who is in his 30s, returned home completely worn out from job stress. Normally, it was his daily routine to buy his favorite drink from the vending machine in front of his house. However, that day was different. A sign on the vending machine read, “Limited Edition! A Drink from the Future.”

Curious, he pressed the button and out came a can labeled “Air from 2033.” Next to it was a description that read, “Drink it and become your future self for just one day.”

Mr. Tanaka couldn’t resist and bought it. Once inside, he excitedly popped the cap only to find that it had no particular smell, much like water.

Thinking, “Could it be?” he took a sip. Suddenly, the room was enveloped in light, and the next thing he knew, he was standing in front of a mirror. Reflected in the mirror was Mr. Tanaka, but 10 years older—with more gray hair and wrinkles.

Rushing outside, passersby looked at him and smiled, saying, “Good morning, Mayor Tanaka!” It turned out that Mr. Tanaka 10 years into the future had become the mayor of the town.

Within the day, he was able to gain 10 years’ worth of experiences and memories. When he woke up the next day, he was back to his 30s self.

However, the experience changed his life. Without feeling the stress, he became actively involved in social activities, and 10 years later, he was indeed elected as the mayor.