Zoom to Add ‘Office Smell’ Filter in Next Update

As remote work becomes more common, Zoom has announced a surprising new feature in its next update: the “Office Smell Filter.”

When this filter is activated during a Zoom meeting, your room will be filled with the unique scent of an office.

“Many people feel like they’re missing the ambiance of the office. With this feature, you can have an experience at home that feels just like you’re in an office.

We’ve replicated everything from the smell of coffee and printer ink to even a hint of salty sweat,” read Zoom’s press release.

Some people are praising the idea, expressing joy and saying, “It’s finally here; this will increase productivity in remote work!” However, many are skeptical, questioning, “If you really like the smell of an office, why are you working remotely?”

Days later, Zoom released another statement: “Actually, this was a belated April Fools’ joke. However, since many people seem to genuinely want it, we will consider it.”

This incident has many people wondering, “What will come out next, a remote beach party feature?” As a result, expectations and questions about Zoom’s next update have increased even more.