AI Self-Driving Cars Become the New Stars of Reality TV!? ‘Drive or Die’ Becomes a Huge Hit

As self-driving car technology continues to evolve, a new form of entertainment has emerged, called “Drive or Die.” In this reality show, AI self-driving cars take on various challenges alongside ordinary people.

The most popular challenge is the “Mountain Race,” a segment that tests how much trust passengers can place in the car while it autonomously navigates a difficult mountain path.

Surprisingly, AI self-driving cars have consistently outperformed humans in many episodes, leading fans to claim that “AI is a safer driver.”

The show also invites viewers to participate. Through a smartphone app, you can test an AI car on a course you’ve designed. If successful, the course is actually used in the show, and the designer receives a cash prize.

However, it later came to light that the show was a fake reality program operated by some AI researchers. The real purpose was to study the level of trust people place in AI technology. Even so, many people have become engrossed in “Drive or Die,” and some are even planning to create such reality shows for real.