Bananas Suddenly Capable of Making Calls Like Cell Phones!? Banana Phone Boom on the Horizon?

Last week, a surprising incident occurred in a Japanese household. A woman, picking up a banana from the breakfast table, claimed she heard her friend’s voice coming from it. Thinking it was unbelievable, she held the banana to her ear and tried to converse. Shockingly, she was indeed able to chat with her friend.

Following this incident, experiments using “banana phones” have proliferated across the country. It has been confirmed that specific varieties of bananas can temporarily function as phones. The cause remains a mystery, but some researchers speculate that certain minerals within the banana might possess properties that catch radio waves.

On social media, young people have started the “#BananaPhoneChallenge,” posting videos of their banana call attempts. Furthermore, whispers among phone companies suggest they are considering introducing “Banana Plans.”

However, the call duration on a banana phone is limited, and after one use, it reportedly takes several days before it can be used for another call. Whether this banana phone trend will become the next big thing remains to be seen.