The World of Practice Swords: History, Use, Charm, and Safety

Hello everyone. Today, let’s delve into a very unique tool where martial arts and art converge. These are generally called “practice swords” or “training swords”. These swords, with their shape and weight modeled after real swords, are used for martial arts practice, movie shooting, theatrical stage, recreation, and collections of sword enthusiasts.

What are Practice Swords?

Practice swords are non-sharp objects with the same shape and size as real swords. Materials such as wood, bamboo, synthetics, or dulled metals are used to minimize the risk of hurting people. The types vary widely, and all types of swords, from Japanese swords to Western swords, rapiers, scimitars, exist as practice swords.

Why are Practice Swords Used?

Since they are used not for actual combat but for training and performance, practice swords are generally dull. These are designed so that users do not accidentally injure themselves or others. Especially in martial arts practice, practice swords have the same weight and balance as real swords, so you can experience how to hold, move, and use the sword properly.

However, even if the practice sword is a safe tool, it can cause dangerous situations if not used correctly. Incorrect usage or carelessness can potentially cause pain, bruises, fractures, or other serious injuries, so it is very important to learn and adhere to the correct handling method.

The Charm of Practice Swords

The charm of practice swords is diverse. First, it’s the real experience. Practice swords are modeled after real swords in terms of shape, weight, and balance, so users can learn the technique of handling real swords properly. Next is the safe practice environment. Since practice swords are dull, the risk of injuring oneself or others during training is greatly reduced. In addition, the wide range of uses is also attractive. Practice swords can be used for various purposes, not only for martial arts practice, but also for movies, theater, recreation, collections, and more. Lastly, don’t forget about its artistry. Many practice swords are meticulously made in the manufacturing process, beautifully and intricately.


From the real experience, safe training environment, various usage purposes, and the artistry of practice swords, their charm should come across. However, no matter how safely a tool is made, proper handling and maintenance are essential. By using it properly and taking care of it, practice swords will continue to support your martial arts journey for a long time. The most important thing with any tool is to understand and respect how to use and handle it.

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