The World of Label-less Beverages: Its Philosophy, Benefits, Drawbacks, and Ways to Purchase

Recently, there’s a strong demand among consumers for sustainability and environmentally friendly lifestyles. As a result, a new trend, label-less beverages, is rapidly gaining attention. But what makes label-less beverages unique? What are the benefits and drawbacks? And how can one purchase them?

What are Label-less Beverages?

The phrase “label-less beverages” might sound a little alien to those hearing it for the first time. Typically, we glean information about a product by looking at its packaging or labels. Ingredients, nutritional facts, allergens, manufacturer, and, of course, the product’s name itself are usually read from the label. However, with label-less beverages, you won’t find any of this information.

Label-less beverages aim to minimize waste in the production process by completely forgoing labels and packaging materials. These products typically have the brand logo or product name directly printed on the bottle or can, or in some cases, no markings at all. Detailed product information is provided through scanning a QR code or accessing the brand’s website.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Label-less Beverages

Label-less beverages come with several advantages and disadvantages due to their nature.


  • Environmentally friendly: One of the biggest benefits is the significant reduction in environmental impact. Not only is waste minimized in the production process, but CO2 emissions can also be curbed throughout the entire product lifecycle (manufacture, transportation, consumption, disposal).
  • Simple and sophisticated design: Label-less products usually feature a simple and sophisticated design as the product itself comes to the fore. This enhances the aesthetics of the product, offering consumers a fresh and appealing visual experience.


  • Accessibility to product information: With label-less products, to get detailed product information (ingredients, nutritional information, allergens, etc.), one needs access to a smartphone or the internet. This might be a hurdle for some consumers, especially the elderly or those not familiar with technology.
  • Difficulty in identification: Label-less products could potentially be harder to distinguish from other similar products. This can cause confusion when selecting products in stores or when trying to repurchase a particular product.

How to Purchase Label-less Beverages

Label-less beverages are still a new concept and can be hard to find in regular supermarkets. However, by leveraging the internet, these products can be easily accessed.

  • Purchasing on official websites or online shopping platforms: Many label-less products can be purchased on the manufacturer’s official website or major online shopping platforms (Amazon, eBay, etc.). These sites allow you to check detailed product information and read reviews from other consumers.
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  • Using dedicated apps: Some brands allow you to purchase their products via their dedicated app. These apps let you check detailed product information, make orders easily, and track the delivery status of the products.
  • Looking for local eco-shops: If there are shops in your locality that deal with eco-friendly products, you might find label-less products there. These shops often also carry other eco-friendly products and organic foods.
  • Farmers’ markets or local craft fairs: You might find label-less products at places where small-scale manufacturers or local producers sell their goods. These venues offer opportunities to speak directly with the product producers and get detailed information about the product.


While label-less beverages offer an attractive option for consumers who prioritize sustainability, they may also bring inconvenience to those who require immediate access to product information. However, as interest in sustainability grows, these products could become a new trend for the future, significantly impacting consumer lifestyles.