Tesla Announces New Electric Car ‘Model T’ with Built-In Toilet Paper Generator!

Elon Musk suddenly announced a new Tesla model, the Model T, on Twitter.

The most notable feature is its fuel source. This car runs on toilet paper. In response to questions about how many miles the car can go on a single charge, Elon Musk tweeted, “100 miles on one roll! Clean butts! This is the future!”

Many people were stunned by this information, exclaiming, “Wait, seriously?” and causing toilet paper stock prices to soar.

However, environmental groups criticized the idea, saying, “How much strain are you planning to put on the environment by increasing toilet paper consumption?”

Subsequently, a statement was posted on Tesla’s official website saying, “Just kidding, just kidding. But we are seriously considering renewable energy alternatives to toilet paper.”

“Actually, the announcement of the Model T was part of an effort to get society to think about new sustainable energy sources.

And we wanted to give people a little laugh,” Elon Musk stated later.

Since this event, anticipation and caution regarding Tesla’s new announcements have increased, and many people have begun to wonder, “Could toilet paper power generation really be possible?”