Comparing ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ on Nintendo Switch with Other Consoles

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is an eagerly anticipated game set in the Harry Potter universe, available on multiple platforms.

However, the Nintendo Switch version exhibits several differences when compared to the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC versions.

Understanding these differences is crucial when deciding which platform to purchase the game for.

Graphics and Performance

Nintendo Switch:

The Switch version has been adjusted considering its hardware limitations. It compromises in resolution, texture quality, FPS (frames per second), and draw distance.

Despite these adjustments, it’s considered a high-quality port, providing a smooth gaming experience within the limits of the console’s hardware​​.

PS5 and Xbox Series X|S:

These versions feature advanced graphics and performance. They offer higher resolution, better texture quality, and smoother FPS, supporting detailed visuals and a more immersive gameplay experience​​.

Gameplay Experience

Open-World Exploration:

One of the charms of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is its nearly seamless open-world exploration. However, the Switch version does not offer a fully open-world experience.

Switch players encounter numerous loading screens when traveling between different areas, with these loading screens lasting from 30 seconds to about a minute​​.

Other Issues:

The Switch version also faces additional issues like incorrectly playing dialogue lines and disappearing subtitles​​.

Overall Impression

The core elements of the game are all included in the Switch version. Players who prefer the convenience and portability of the Nintendo Switch, and can accept longer loading times and downscaled graphics, might still find the game enjoyable​​.

Developers have made efforts to create the best possible version of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ for the Switch, considering the hardware limitations. These compromises are seen as a reasonable trade-off for the ability to play the game on a portable console​​​​.

In conclusion, the Nintendo Switch version of ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ offers a different experience, especially in terms of graphics, performance, and open-world exploration, compared to other console versions. However, for players who prefer the Switch platform, it remains a sufficiently enjoyable game.