Customizing Chat-GPTs: Exploring a New Horizon in AI Conversations with Specific Examples


Among the latest advancements in AI technology, ‘Chat-GPTs’ (also known as GPTs or GPT Builder) stands out.

Developed by OpenAI, this tool allows users to customize ChatGPT to meet specific needs, offering a more personalized conversational experience.

This article focuses on the features of GPTs and its specific applications.

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Overview of GPTs:

GPTs is a tool that allows users to customize ChatGPT according to specific purposes or situations.

It enables the creation of ChatGPT versions incorporating individual expertise and skills.

Advantages of Customization:

Customized ChatGPT offers several benefits:

  1. Enhanced Expertise: For instance, a ChatGPT specialized in healthcare can provide more expert responses to health consultations or symptoms.
  2. Relevant Responses: A ChatGPT tailored to specific industries, such as IT or law, can offer more appropriate advice in those fields.
  3. Personalized Interaction: A ChatGPT focused on hobbies can provide tips on photography techniques for enthusiasts.
  4. Extended Functionality with API Integration: Integration with tools like Zapier can support schedule management and task automation.

Customization Steps: The steps to use GPTs are as follows:

  1. Access: Log into the GPTs platform.
  2. Create Instance: Choose ‘Create a new GPT instance’.
  3. Basic Settings: Set the name, purpose, and other basic configurations.
  4. Add Expertise: Add information on specific topics.
  5. API Integration: Integrate with external APIs if needed.
  6. Test and Adjust: Test the customization and make adjustments.
  7. Share and Deploy: Share with other users or team members.


Chat-GPTs (GPTs) is a powerful tool for customizing AI conversational experiences.

By using this tool, tailored AI solutions can be created for various fields like education, business, and healthcare, unlocking new applications.

GPTs redefine how AI can be utilized, enabling more personalized and intelligent interactions.