In-depth explanation of the charm of “Anyway Bright Yasumura”! Don’t miss the related goods information!


Hello! Today, we would like to introduce the charm of Japanese comedian Naoki Yasumura, known as “Anyway Bright Yasumura.” Yasumura is popular for his bright character and unique comedy, enjoyed by many people. Additionally, don’t forget to check out the related goods!

Bright characte

His greatest charm lies in his bright character. As his catchphrase suggests, Yasumura is always bright and has positive energy. His brightness has the power to energize viewers and make them smile.

Unique comedy

His unique comedy is attractive. Yasumura, while saying“anyway bright,” shows a pose that looks naked even though he is wearing pants, and then cheers up the audience with the punchline, “Don’t worry. I’m wearing them.” This innovative approach demonstrates his creativity and courage, receiving support from many fans.

Reaction skills

His reaction skills are also part of his charm. He can instantly react to interactions with other comedians and retorts from hosts, livening up the atmosphere.

Television appearances

Yasumura appears on various television programs, showcasing his character and comedy to many people. As a result, his fan base has expanded, and he is enjoyed by many people.

Utilizing SNS

His use of SNS is also noteworthy. Yasumura uses SNS to communicate with fans and share his daily life. This allows fans to get a glimpse of his personality and true self, making them feel closer to him.

Success abroad

Recently, Yasumura has appeared on the overseas audition program “Britain’s Got Talent” (BGT), attracting a lot of attention. Introduced as “Toni”(トニー) on the audition program, his unique comedy and performance captured the hearts of the audience and judges. As a result, he received four “yes” votes from the judges, successfully advancing to the next stage. Yasumura’s brightness and humor are not only accepted in Japan but also by foreign audiences, and his appeal continues to grow.

Related goods

Fans also love the goods related to Yasumura. Various items featuring his bright character, such as T-shirts, key holders, and stickers, are available for sale. By obtaining these goods, fans can feel his brightness up close.


“Anyway Bright Yasumura” captivates fans with his bright character, unique comedy, reaction skills, television appearances, SNS use, success abroad, and related goods. His performances are a healing presence that energizes tired hearts in everyday life.

Expectations continue to grow for what “Anyway Bright Yasumura” will achieve in the future. Experience his brightness and unique comedy, and incorporate smiles and energy into your daily life. Also, be sure to check out the related goods!