Harry Potter and the World of web3

Chapter One: The Mysterious Code

On a sunny summer day, Harry Potter opened a mysterious letter in his study. “Take a look at this, Hermione. Do you know what this code is?” he said to Hermione Granger. Hermione furrowed her brow deeply, staring at the letter, “This is… a blockchain code, Harry. But why us? And from whom?” she replied. They then decided to embark on a new adventure to solve this mystery.

Chapter Two: The Magic of web3

This new world, known as web3, was entirely different from the usual magical world. While exploring the world of web3, Harry said, “This is a completely different kind of magic. It’s strange, but somehow exciting.” Hermione, nodding, said, “Indeed, it’s totally different from the magic we know. But this might be the ‘magic’ of modern times.”

Chapter Three: The AI Professor

Harry and Hermione met a new professor named AI. Harry couldn’t hide his surprise, “You were created just for teaching? That’s really amazing.” The AI professor calmly replied, “Exactly, Harry. My purpose is to impart knowledge. And to help you understand this new world.”

Final Chapter: Unveiling the Truth

As time passed, Harry and Hermione began to explore all of web3 world, gradually unraveling the secrets of blockchain. And finally, the time had come to uncover the truth behind the mysterious letter.

They stepped into the center of a giant smart contract, the place indicated by the code in the letter. There, a seed of potential that could encompass the world of web3 was hidden.

Hermione, remembering the teachings of the AI professor, took a deep breath. “Harry, we should use this new power correctly. This is more than just magic… this is a new possibility.” In response to her words, Harry looked at her and nodded, “You’re right, Hermione. Let’s bring new possibilities to our world with the power of web3.”

And then, Harry and Hermione deciphered the code of the smart contract together and touched its truth. It was a means to use the knowledge they had gained through their new adventure to open up this world of web3 to other wizards.

Their adventure had ended, but it was just the beginning of a new one. Harry and Hermione vowed to use the power of blockchain to bring new order and possibilities to their own magical world. Since that day, the magical world has become a place where two powers, old magic and new technology, coexist, and infinite possibilities await.