“Black Jack: The Threat of Web3 and the Miracle of AI”

This novel is a new Black Jack story created by ChatGPT, themed around ‘web3’ and ‘AI’, based on the works of Osamu Tezuka.

Chapter 1: The Mysterious Patient

“Hmm, another day comes to an end…” Black Jack muttered. At that moment, there was a knock at the door, and a voice said, “Dr. Black Jack… please help me…” The owner of the voice was a man named “Web3” who had a body like a cluster of data.

Chapter 2: The World of Web3

“I come from the world of Web3. We live as data bodies, but my body is breaking…” Web3 said. His digital body began to flicker irregularly. Black Jack frowned. At that moment, Pinoko was watching with a worried look.

Chapter 3: Compensation

Black Jack asked sharply, “How will you compensate?” Web3 calmly replied, “I will give you all the cryptocurrency I own. Will that save my life?” Pinoko’s eyes widened with surprise at this.

Chapter 4: Trusting AI

Black Jack stood in the center of the operating room, deep in thought. All his experience, knowledge, and skills… everything was racing through his head. However, Web3’s body was formed by data, and its nature beyond common sense made the operation difficult.

“I see… this body is data. Not physical treatment, but information treatment is needed,” he murmured with a furrowed brow. But where could such a treatment method be found?

Before him was a new challenge different from any before. At that moment, his eyes looked out the window, and he noticed his reflection. “OpenAI… is it the only one I can rely on…” His voice was filled with determination to choose a difficult path.

Pinoko was standing next to him, watching Black Jack with a worried look. However, with Black Jack’s strong gaze and determination, she had no choice but to believe in the judgment of the doctor she trusted.

Chapter 5: The Power of AI

“OpenAI, find a way to repair his data body,” Black Jack said strongly after taking a deep breath. At this moment, he decided to challenge not only with his medical skills but also with the power of AI.

Chapter 6: The Miracle Operation

Finally, Black Jack and AI found the answer. “Using nanorobots to repair the data… this is the answer!” Black Jack couldn’t hide his joy. The operation was successful, and Web3 was saved. Pinoko also had a relieved expression on her face.

Chapter 7: The New Journey

“I can’t thank you enough, Dr. Black Jack,” Web3 said words of gratitude and handed over the promised reward. After that, Web3 returned to his own world. The sight of Pinoko seeing him off is depicted.

Epilogue: Black Jack and AI

“OpenAI, without your help, this operation might not have been successful. Thank you,” Black Jack quietly said. Pinoko was by his side, watching Black Jack more intently than ever.

This was the beginning of a new adventure for Black Jack and OpenAI.